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The Secular Retreat
Architect / Zumthor
Location / Devon

Sleeps / 10

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The Secular Retreat

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In South Devon, between the resorts of Salcombe and Hallsands lies a landscape of rolling hills, wooded river valleys, patchwork fields and small stone villages. It is here that Living Architecture has asked one of the greatest architects in the world, Peter Zumthor, to create The Secular Retreat.

On top of a hill, with endless views onto the rolling south Devon landscape, Zumthor has designed a veritable haven from the pressures of modern life, a space dedicated to calm, reflection and perspective - and in which one will be liable to feel some of the same sense of serenity and well-being as in an ancient monastery or abbey.

The design makes use of an original rammed concrete that gives the building a mass and scale characteristic of a timeless example of ecclesiastical architecture. Nestled in one of the most beautiful parts of the English countryside, Peter Zumthor has designed a work of art to touch the soul.

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