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Introducing the Living Architecture Journal

Introducing the Living Architecture Journal


Marking the launch of our new website, we introduce the Living Architecture Journal.

Introducing the Living Architecture Journal

Almost 10 years, 6 houses (and a Room) since Living Architecture was founded, we're now pleased to introduce the new Living Architecture Journal. This is a space for us to look back on the last decade, share some of the experiences that we have had and start a new conversation about modern domestic architecture with the people who share our passion for design, and love of great architecture.

Choosing the books that Grayson Perry's fictional heroine Julie Cope might have read, arguing the toss for teak versus concrete handbasins with some of the most famous architects working today, the challenges that cantilevers bring, and the joyous reception that our houses have inspired in the thousands of guests who have stayed in a Living Architecture house to date - this Journal is where we'll be telling these tales.

Our houses have hosted family reunions and witnessed countless special occasions and gatherings of friends. Despite coming from all over the world - and ranging in age from the very youngest to centenarians - the experience of escaping to John Pawson's vision of a minimalist retreat, or weekending in Hopkins Architects' reinterpretation of a Norfolk Barn has inspired a curiosity about contemporary design in many that have stayed.

What was it like working with NORD to select the materials for the Shingle House?  What did the earliest designs for the Dune House look like? Where can one buy the sofas in the Balancing Barn, or the bath taps from A House for Essex? Over the coming months, we'll be addressing some of the frequently asked questions from the people that have stayed in a Living Architecture house (or who would like to).

Each house has a story to tell and represents the work of an extensive team of internationally renowned architects, local builders and specialist suppliers. We'll hear from these important contributors too.  

With another house due to open in 2018, the Living Architecture story will continue at full strength into our next decade. But with the wisdom - and battle scars - of almost ten years to draw on, we want to muse on our experience, share our (sometimes obsessive) love for great architecture and reignite our mission to raise standards, provoke debate and inspire others.

We hope you'll join us!


Introducing the Living Architecture JournalIntroducing the Living Architecture JournalIntroducing the Living Architecture Journal
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