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Balancing Barn

Sleeps 8

Balancing Barn, designed by the Dutch practice MVRDV, stands on the edge of a tranquil nature reserve a few miles inland from the Suffolk coast, near the historic towns of Walberswick and Aldeburgh. Clad in elegant reflective steel tiles, the house dramatically cantilevers over the landscape, providing views from its huge panoramic windows over woods, ponds and meadows.

During Your Stay



If you incur any injuries while on holiday, please let us know.  Please see below for Emergencies, and look under Hospitals for details of your nearest Accident and Emergency Unit.


As is stated in our contract with you, we cannot accept more than 8 people and one infant (under 2) in the house. Please note that due to the size and layout of the rooms, you can only put a cot bed in bedroom 4, the bedroom nearest the sitting room.


The door from the utility room to the garden is operated by a key switch situated to the right of the door at a high level. Turn the key in the direction of the arrow to either open or close. Please do not remove the key.

Please ensure the door area is free from any obstruction before operating. For reasons of safety the door should only be operated by an adult. Please take great care when using it. It has a very slow action, and the door is lined with a flint wall so is very heavy and should not be played with.


There are electronically controlled blackout blinds over the baths in bedrooms 1 and 2
(the bedrooms nearest the kitchen). These can be operated using the remote control left on the bedside table.


If you happen to break anything, please leave us a note as it assists our Housekeepers to replace items effectively during the change-over period.


Car charger can be found adjacent to parking area - power cable is kept in kitchen cupboard 


Our Housekeeping team will come in after your departure (see Departure below) to make the house ready for the next guests and although we don’t expect, nor want, you to clean, it would be hugely appreciated if you could leave the house in a good condition.

If you do need to clean the house during your stay, please only use the products that we have left.

In particular:

There is a dust pan and brush in the kitchen,
and a hoover in the basement which you are welcome to use.

If anything should be spilled on the timber floors or furniture, we would appreciate it if you would clean it up.


We encourage all our guests to compost all suitable material. The composting bins can be found in the cupboard to the left of the sink in the kitchen and adjacent to the bin store outside.


You probably don’t want to think about the end of your holiday just yet, but on the day of your departure please make sure that you leave the house by 10am. We need time for the house-keeping team to get the house ready for the incoming guests.

On leaving, lock the front door and place the master key in the key safe where you found it on arrival. The spare front door key should be left on the kitchen worktop.


Please dry any wet outdoor clothes in the utility room, where there is a condensing dryer and a drying rack for your use.


Should a fuse blow at any time during your stay, please call (see Contacts) and we can direct you to the location of the fuse box.

In the event of a power cut, the following aspects of the house will not operate: the WC flush, the water supply from the well, the roof lights, the roof light blinds and the under-floor heating.

In the case of power supply disruption to the area, this can be checked on the UK Power Networks website:

You can receive text message updates. Text POWER IP19 9JG to 80876


Please see bottom of this page.


If you need to call the emergency services, they will require the full postal address:

Balancing Barn, Thorington Road, Thorington, Suffolk, IP19 9JG


There is a fire extinguisher by the front door and a fire blanket in the right-hand cupboard above the fridge.

However, for anything serious, we would rather you close all the doors (provided it is safe to do so), evacuate the building and contact the fire service.


If a fuse blows, please ring (see Contacts details above) and you will be directed to the fuse board.


If you need access to turn off the water, the stop tap for drinking water is underneath the sink unit in the kitchen.

Should a leak develop anywhere else, the master stop tap is located in the Plant Room. To gain access, please ring (see Contacts for details).

See Hospitals section for medical emergencies.

See Contacts for other emergencies.


There is a fire pit for your use in the shingle area outside, just to the right of Balancing Barn (when looking out of the sitting room main window). It is for timber fires only.


A basic first aid kit is located in the drawer under the ovens. Please leave it out if you had occasion to use it.


The woodburner in the sitting room burns the self-burning or seasoned logs. Both should be burnt on a bedding of ash. The woodburner is opened by using the silver fire tool, by putting the circular opening over the raised disc in the gap at the bottom right-hand side of the front of the fire.

Matches can be found on the shelves in the sitting room.


Balancing Barn sits in a rural location and as livestock are often in the surrounding fields, fireworks are not permitted.

In addition, Chinese lanterns are not allowed as the wires and bamboo supports can be eaten by sheep and cattle, causing injury.


We aim to provide gardens at our houses that reflect the local area; at Balancing Barn we have cut a few pathways and created some seating areas within the wilderness meadow.


Balancing Barn is heated through an underfloor system, with each room having an individual thermostat. These thermostats are remotely accessed and set for periods throughout the day based on outside temperature and occupation times.


The nearest hospitals are:

Accident and emergency-

Ipswich Hospital, Heath Road, Ipswich, IP4 5PD

James Paget University Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust, Lowestoft Road,
Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 6LA

Minor injuries clinic

Patrick Stead Hospital, Bungay Road,    Halesworth IP19 8HP. Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm only.

Beccles and District War Memorial Hospital,
St Mary's Road, Beccles NR34 9NQ. Open every day 8am – 8pm.


Hot water is produced by the use of a heat pump taking warmth from coils buried deep in the ground, in combination with an efficient immersion heater to boost the water temperature at times when the heat pump alone may not produce enough hot water. This means that there should be a readily available source of hot water, provided that not everyone takes a bath, fills the sinks, or takes a shower at precisely the same time.


For electrical appliances, can be found in a white box on the shelves in the sitting room.


Please try not to leave anything behind when you leave the house. If you do, unfortunately Living Architecture cannot accept liability, but do contact us and if found we can forward on to you.


Balancing Barn is surrounded by Suffolk Wildlife Trust land which brings a wide range of flora and fauna on to our site, including the rare Great Crested Newt.

At certain times of the year the house can be subject to the sort of conditions that come with its rural location. This might include insects, flies and the odd field mouse.

Please respect the countryside and local residents at all times.


One well behaved dog is allowed at the house

We are able to accept a dog at Shingle House in Kent, Dune House and Balancing Barn in Suffolk, Life House in Wales and Long House in Norfolk.


In order to meet the requirements of the local authority, please sort rubbish using the bins in the kitchen according to:

Dry recyclable waste
(Tin, paper, card and plastic)

Glass waste (Clean glass)

General waste


When the bins in the kitchen are full, please transfer to the labelled wheelie bins found in the bin area adjacent to the car park.


Non-slip shower mats can be found in the cupboards in each bedroom.


The swing that hangs from the cantilevered part of Balancing Barn is there for your use, but please take care and always supervise young children when they are using it.


Most mobile providers operate in this area, however telephone reception can be limited in the house itself (although text and other forms of data tend to work effectively). You may have to stand near the entrance or the gate to get the best reception for voice services.


There is no terrestrial television reception at Balancing Barn and we are unable to install a satellite dish television in the house.

However, the smart TV can access catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, together with the option to stream entertainment through your own account.


Your contract with us is bound by the terms and conditions to which you have agreed.

These can be found at

To help preserve the high standard of our houses and for insurance purposes, we want to remind you not to allow anyone into the house except for those guests who are actually sleeping in it – so please do not allow extra visitors (unless you have made a prior arrangement with Living Architecture).


You will find a set of towels for each person the house accommodates in each bedroom/bathroom (but please do not use these outside or as beach towels).


As there is strong interest in Balancing Barn, we have noticed that a number of people have been turning up asking to look round the house. In the interest of your own privacy and security, we urge you not to allow this.


The water at Balancing Barn is drawn from a borehole/well and is tested regularly; however, for drinking water please only use the tap in the kitchen. The water in the bathrooms can be used for brushing your teeth but not for drinking.

All the water at Balancing Barn goes through a series of treatment processes before it comes out of the taps. At times, the pressure can be affected (especially if everyone in the house is using the baths or showers)


Balancing Barn is set up with Wi Fi. However please note that due to its location - and for reasons beyond our control - internet access can at times be intermittent.


Our policy is to clean the windows periodically but due to the elements, it is not always possible to keep them clean between these times.



Miele H6260B

The oven has a wide range of automatic programmes – select the programme for your food and follow the instructions on display.

Switch the oven on by pressing the sensor in the shape of a vertical line inside a circle.

Select Automatic and scroll through the list of items that you want to cook; each has a sub-menu prompting for further information.

To use the manual function, select that option having first placed the food in the oven. The display will show the recommended temperature which will light up, change the temperature if
you require.

Cooking progress can be seen and once the oven has reached temperature a signal sounds
(if switched on). If you wish to make any changes during cooking, press Change.

For details on how to use the timer, the Moisture Plus function and other functions see the manual.

Quick troubleshooting:

If the display is dark – see if the power has tripped. You will need to re-set the language
used and the clock; follow the instructions on the welcome screen when the power is turned on.

If the oven does not heat up – check whether the system lock has been activated.


Miele H5080

To use as a microwave, select Microwave from the main menu. It can be used in an automatic
or manual mode.

If Automatic is selected, a range of cooking options will appear – follow the instructions on the display.

If using the microwave in manual mode, select the function you require and a number of options will be presented – power level, temperature level, duration, finish and so on.

The Microwave function is rated at 1000W.

To use the grill and/ or oven, select the recommended temperature or grill level.

The appliance is set as follows:

  • Fan plus – 160C
  • Conventional–180C
  • Grill–3
  • Auto roast–starts at 230C dropping to 160C
  • Defrost–25C
  • Microwave and auto roast–160C
  • Microwave and grill–3
  • Microwave and Fan Plus–160C
  • Microwave and Fan grill–200C
  • Fan Plus–160C
  • Intensive bake–170C
  • Fan grill–200C
  • Bottom heat –190C
  • Quick Microwave–1000W for 1 minute 

Quick troubleshooting:

If the display is dark – see if the power has tripped. You will need to re-set the language used and the clock; follow the instructions on the welcome screen when the power is turned on.

If a programme will not start in microwave mode – check that the door is properly and that a power setting and duration have been entered.

If using a combination programme – check that a power setting, cooking duration and temperature or grill level have been set.


Miele KM6879

The hob has electronic sensors that react to finger contact. Please do not press the sensors indiscriminately as the hob will not operate.

The hob must be switched on using the sensor at the front of the control panel – a vertical line inside a circle. The sensors will all light up.

If no function is selected, the hob will switch off automatically to save power.

Touch the cooking zone you wish to use and then touch a number for the power level you require e.g. 3 or 4 for a medium level heat, 8 or 9 for boiling.

Please note that induction hobs only operate when in contact with a suitable (induction) pan.

Should the hob not operate, it is likely to be one of two options:

Child lock activated.

Solution : Touch the clock and II> buttons for 6 seconds.

Demonstration mode activated (error code P:01) refer to the instruction manual, pages 45 & 46.

Solution :

Switch the hob off.

Touch the on/off and II> (the next symbol is an arrow pointing right) sensors at the same time (NB memorise their location before switching off the hob).

Hold for a several seconds until the clock symbol and "PC" appear in the timer display.

First set the programme to P:01 by tapping the clock symbol until P:01 appears - it will flash alternatively with the code CO1, CO2 etc.

Then set the code to C:00 by tapping the clock symbol until C:00 appears.

While the programme P:01 is showing in the display save the settings by touching on/off and the indicators go off.

Turn the hob on.

For other error codes refer to the manual.

COOKER HOOD (above the hob)

Miele DA2270

To switch the fan on, press the joystick (located above your head) once to the right. A higher power level is achieved by pressing the joystick further to the right and to get a lower speed, to the left. To switch the fan off, press the joystick to the left until the power indicator lamp goes out.

The light is switched on by pressing the joystick backwards – pulling it forward reduces the brightness.

There are other lights in the hob recess that operate on a sensor (just put your hand near to the sensor on the right hand side of the hob area).


Siemens SD6P1S

A few dishwasher tablets have been left for your use in one of the drawers.

Once the machine is loaded, ensure that the spray arms are not obstructed.

Please note that there is a cutlery drawer at the top of the machine as well as a cutlery basket.

Switch the machine on. Select the required programme using the Programme selector button.

Quick troubleshooting: if the machine will not start, check the door is fully closed. If still not operate, check that the power supply has not tripped.


Miele W5922

Looking at the display panel, use the up and down arrow buttons to select the programme you require, press OK to select.

Switch on the washing machine – the interior drum light will come on.

Select a programme using the programme selector dial.

If you select the Further programmes/ Settings option, the options will show up in the display panel and the required option can be chosen using the up and down arrows.

If you require, you can select a temperature and spin speed.

When the drum is loaded, the display shows the amount in the drum and calculates the amount
of detergent required – this percentage relates to the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer, i.e. 100% means use all that the detergent manufacturer recommends.

Press start.

Quick troubleshooting:

If the display is dark, it has switched off to save energy – press any switch.


Miele T89226WP

Looking at the display panel, use the up and down arrow buttons to select the programme
that you require, press OK to select.

After a programme has started, the unit will estimate the time it will take to dry the load. The Perfect Dry indicator will flash while the calculation is taking place. An estimated time remaining will also be shown on the control panel.

Quick troubleshooting:

If not set up correctly, the machine may not work – turn off the unit and when the welcome screen appears, select the language and time of day.

If the water collection drawer is full the dryer will not work and will make a beeping sound – pull out the drawer and empty the collector.

Information correct as of May 2023

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