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A Room Of Their Own / A Place to Gather

A Room Of Their Own / A Place to Gather


How living architecture houses are designed to facilitate both coming together and being apart.

A Room Of Their Own / A Place to Gather

If you’ve spent any time in the last two decades watching a TV property programme, you’ll be familiar with the tropes of the combined kitchen and living space, the glass-walled extension, and the push to create spaces where families can come together. This mirrors the open-plan offices, communal working spaces and café culture all around us. It seems that we want to be together, all the time. 

Or do we? There’s been a recent shift away from passion for open-plan living and now what we want is flexibility. Technology is a partial driver of this; the reality of four different screens blaring in a single space or music systems that can reach every corner of a house. No self-respecting kitchen would be without ample room for the cook plus assorted sous chefs and conversation partners.

On the other hand, log fires and stoves have grown in popularity, and the Nordic-inspired ‘hygge’ and other comfort-first fashions encourage us to gather around a hearth and seek out the convivial company of others. It seems we seek both spaces to be private, alongside areas for more communal activities, both in our homes and on our holidays. Houses like the Rietveld Schröderhuis have been rediscovered by modern architects and design aficionados as the benchmark for houses that truly reflect how we live.

For many of us our homes have also become our places of work. Whether that’s a shepherd’s hut, a converted attic space or simply the kitchen table, today flexible working and the blurring of boundaries between one’s workplace and home is common. And we take this mindset on holidays too; unless the plan is for a full ‘digital detox’ then it’s likely that someone will need to slip away to take a call or catch up on emails during their vacation.

All this understanding about how we work, holiday and use spaces is brought to life in Living Architecture houses.  Our houses are conceived from the start to be places where people can come together and also spend time apart. For multi-generational family celebrations, a big communal table and room to gather around and a hearth is important.

The same is true for workplace retreats, or shared experiences like the Reading Retreats at Life House: enough room to feel comfortable, combined with the intimacy of spaces that encourage you to enjoy the experience of being within a well-designed space in a beautiful location.  

A Room Of Their Own / A Place to GatherA Room Of Their Own / A Place to GatherA Room Of Their Own / A Place to Gather
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